Tajikistan Tenders

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Due DateTender TitleOwner
07/19/18Kurgan-Tyube Solid Waste The State Unitary Enterprise "Khojagii Manziliy Kommunali" (KMK)
Contract Scope: Reconstruction of Operation Centre: The contract will include the earthworks, concrete, masonry and form works, plastering, painting, flooring and decoration, pre-cast RCC works, reinforcement, metal works, pipe and pipe laying, woodworks, glass and ...
06/07/18Development of Optimization Plan for ART Regiments and Conducting Training On ARV Treatment UNAIDS office Tajikistan
Contract Scope: Develop a three-year plan of optimization of art regiments of treatment. This plan should be based on who latest guidelines and country s conditions and peculiarities. The challenges and barriers for adequate prescription of treatment regimens should...
06/01/18Purchase of Office Equipment Technological University of Tajikistan
Contract Scope: Purchase of office equipment.
06/01/18Purchase of Household Appliances Agency for Government Procurement of Goods, Works and Services
Contract Scope: Purchase of household appliances.
06/01/18Purchase of Electric Wires Open Joint Stock Company (Rogun HPP)
Contract Scope: Purchase of electric wires.
06/08/18Purchase of Bed Sheets Open Joint Stock Company (Rogun HPP)
Contract Scope: Purchase of bed sheets.
06/01/18Spare Parts for the Forklift CAT R1600 Open Joint Stock Company (Rogun HPP)
Contract Scope: Purchase of spare parts for the Forklift CAT R1600.
06/22/18Border Road Improvement Project Ministry of Transport
Contract Scope: Border road improvement project.
07/20/18Corporate Development Programme European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Contract Scope: Establish a reliable passenger transportation service and create a basic public transport network in the city.
08/23/18Khujand Wastewater Rehabilitation Project (Phase III) The Khujand Water Company (Khujandvodokanal)
Contract Scope: Rehabilitation of water supply network (approx. 30 km): city water supply system.
05/24/18Construction Materials for Irrigation of Forest Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)
Contract Scope: Construction materials.
08/23/18Khujand Solid Waste Management Communal State Unitary Enterprise (CSUE)
Contract Scope: Extension of the landfill; refurbishment of waste collection points and operational center.
06/26/18Nurek Water and Wastewater Project Nurek City
Contract Scope: Supply of backhoe loader; Supply of sewage suction truck and sewer cleaning jetter; Supply of vehicle for emergency repair crew; Supply of passenger car.
06/22/18Khorog Solid Waste II Project State Unitary Enterprise - Khojagii Manziliy Kommunali (KMK)
Contract Scope: Procurement of waste containers. The contract includes the delivery of following items and the related services: Containers with capacity in 0.80m³ with wheels for operation of garbage trucks with rear loading - 175 pcs; containers with capacity in ...
05/29/18Provision of Internet Connectivity and Fixed Telephone Lines Services United Nations Development Programme - Tajikistan
Contract Scope: Provision of internet connectivity and fixed telephone lines services.
05/29/18Internet Connectivity and Fixed Telephone Lines Services UNDP Tajikistan
Contract Scope: Provision of Internet Connectivity and Fixed Telephone Lines Services, for UNDP Tajikistan.
05/24/18Risk Assessment of Six Natural Hazards On the District Level in Tajikistan UNDP Tajikistan
Contract Scope: Risk assessment of six natural hazards on the district level.
04/11/19North Tajik Water II Rehabilitation Project Khojagii Manziliyu Kommunali
Contract Scope: Supply and installation of chlorination system, rehabilitation of existing and construction of new reservoirs and water intakes, development of new water wells, installation of water meters, construction of new pumping stations.
06/06/18Khujand Solid Waste Project Republic of Tajikistan
Contract Scope: Installation of the waste treatment facility.
04/15/19Tursun-Zade Solid Waste Republic of Tajikistan
Contract Scope: Reconstruction of the garage and construction of waste collection points and a diesel station; Supply of waste collection trucks and general operation and maintenance vehicles.
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