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11/04/17New Fields of Application for Purified Gallium RUSAL
Contract Scope: Gallium is a metallic element that is used to make semiconductors, integrated circuits, transistors and solar cells. As a producer of gallium, UC RUSAL believes that there are undiscovered markets to be explored. Thus, UC RUSAL desires novel applicat...
02/11/18Syktyvkar Municipal Water Services Development Municipal Unitary Enterprise
Contract Scope: Project to enhance the municipal water supply and sewerage infrastructure and services as well as to improve the quality of drinking water and sewerage systems in order to achieve positive environmental benefits and improved living conditions.
09/25/17Provision of Two (2) Mobile Laboratories for PCBS Analysis in Transformer Oils United Nations Industrial Development Organization/UNIDO
Contract Scope: Provision of two (2) mobile laboratories for PCBS analysis in transformer oils.
09/13/17Procurement of One(1) Luxury Motor Vehicle, Sedan, for Official Use of the Philippine Embassy Embassy of the Philippines, Moscow
Contract Scope: Procurement of one (1) luxury motor vehicle, sedan, for official use of the Philippine Embassy in Moscow, Russian Federation.
10/20/17New Applications of Silica Fume RUSAL
Contract Scope: Silica fume is a mixture of spherical particles used primarily in the production of concrete. As a large scale producer of silica fume, UC RUSAL believes that other industries could benefit from this material. Thus, UC RUSAL desires new applications ...
10/16/17Modern Technology/Plant for Production of Large-Lump Charcoal from Stem Wood RUSAL
Contract Scope: Large scale production of metallurgical silicon requires prolonged reduction of quartz by carbon materials such as charcoal. UC RUSAL is seeking collaborative partners capable of producing charcoal in an economically viable and environmentally friend...
09/22/17Supply of IT Equipment for the Implementation of an Information System for Laboratory Research in Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the Rus UNAIDS
Contract Scope: Supply of IT equipment for the implementation of an information system for laboratory research.
10/05/17Nerungri Water Modernisation- Delivery of Pipes PJSC “Nerungri City Vodokanal
Contract Scope: Delivery of pipes, including: Lot 1 – Steel pipes D159 and D219 mm. with double-layer polyethylene external coating; Lot 2 - Steel pipes D325, D426 and D530 mm. with double-layer polyethylene external coating.
Displaying 1 to 8 out of 8