Russian Federation Tenders

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Due DateTender TitleOwner
11/17/17Supplementary Medical Services World Bank Group
Contract Scope: Provide supplementary medical services.
12/14/17Cost-effective Processes for Recycling Wood Tar from the Production of Charcoal RUSAL
Contract Scope: Looking for cost-effective processes to process a sludge (composed of acidic water and impure wood tar) resulting from charcoal production, with the goal of either reusing the tar in the production line, as a commercially valuable product or recyclin...
10/31/17Global Forum On Converging Technologies in Russia 2018 United Nations Development Programme/UNDP
Contract Scope: Global forum on converging technologies.
12/04/17Searching for Partners with Technologies for Processing and Valorization of Carbon-Fluorine Containing Waste RUSAL
Contract Scope: Develop technology to process carbon-fluorine waste resulting from refractory linings in the aluminium production process.
01/11/18Seeking New Products for Chrysotile Asbestos Orenburg Minerals JSC
Contract Scope: Seeking new products for chrysotile asbestos.
11/04/17New Fields of Application for Purified Gallium RUSAL
Contract Scope: New fields of application for purified gallium.
Displaying 1 to 6 out of 6