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Due DateTender TitleOwner
04/26/18RFI- Colored Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (CUVSS) Qatar Contracting Command (PARC SWA, 408th CSB)
Contract Scope: Preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, and repairs for six (6) Colored Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (CUVSS).
04/17/18Tanker Voyage Charter Department of the Navy Office: Military Sealift Command
Contract Scope: Tanker Voyage Charter This requirement is for one, clean, approved U.S. or foreign flag double hull tanker with inert gas system and segregated ballast tanks that is capable of carrying a minimum of 310,000 bbls of clean petroleum product (intentions...
04/23/18Shipping And Storage Container Defense Logistics Agency, Logistics Operations, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia
Contract Scope: Shipping And Storage Container, NSN 8145013163292, Qty 7 Ea
04/15/18Spare Parts for Repairs/rectification of Automatic Door System Sidra Medical and Research Center
Contract Scope: Supply and delivery of spare parts for repairs/rectification of automatic door system.
05/20/18Procurement, Installation and Construction of Lunch Tent and Associated Facilities in RLOC Qatar Chemical Company (QChem)
Contract Scope: Supply materials, required equipment, pre - fabrication, installation and other related activities for providing a lunch tent and associated facilities.
05/21/18Replacement and Upgrading the Metallurgy of Acid Line in Q - Chem Plant Qatar Chemical Company (QChem)
Contract Scope: Demolition of existing carbon steel piping, construction and other related activities for replacing and upgrading the acid line in various locations.
05/10/18TTV Brand 24" Butterfly Valves and Spare Parts At RLOC Qatar Chemical Company (QChem)
Contract Scope: Supply of 30 nos. TTV brand 24” butterfly valves and spare parts along with material test certificate(s)/pressure test certificate(s),GA Drawing(s), cross section drawing(s) and third party inspection at manufacturers works.
04/22/18Car Parking Shades for CNAQ College of the North Atlantic - Qatar
Contract Scope: a)11 No. Parking Shades (6Mx3Mx2.5M)b)1 No. Parking Shade (6Mx5Mx2.5M)
04/17/18Overhauling and Calibration of Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Hose Fittings and Pressure Gauges Qatargas
Contract Scope: Disassembly, replacement of required standard parts, testing, calibration, painting and assembly of hydraulic hand pumps, hose fittings and pressure gauges
04/09/18Post Weld Heat Treatment(PWHT) Services At Qatargas Fabrication Shop, Plant and Other Locations Qatargas
Contract Scope: Post weld heat treatment(PWHT) services at fabrication shop, plant and other locations.
05/07/18Treatment, Recycling and Disposal of Hazardous Wastes On Call-off Basis Qatargas
Contract Scope: Collect various hazardous wastes from company's premises on call-off basis for the purpose of treatment, recycling and disposal at contractor's owned facilities or third party operated facilities. The hazardous waste include: chemical used/expired ga...
04/23/18Refurbishment of Plate Heat Exchangers On Call-off Basis Qatargas
Contract Scope: Refurbishment of various size & types of plate heat exchangers on call-off basis at their workshop.
04/18/19Water and Process Treatment Services Qatar Chemical Company (QChem)
Contract Scope: Company is in need of a professional, qualified and experienced contractor to carry out water and process treatment services (chemicals supply & services). Chemical supply & services required to monitor & maintain the required quality parameters on s...
04/09/18Procurement of Tube Bundle Qatargas
Contract Scope: Procurement of tube bundle.
04/09/18Supply of Telecom Spares Qatargas
Contract Scope: Supply of telecom spares (including material for otn cards, access control system, wireless mesh network).
03/25/18Maintenance of Kahramaa Light Vehicles (vans), Heavy Vehicles/equipments & Electric Club Cars Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation
Contract Scope: Maintenance of light vehicles (vans), heavy vehicles/equipments & electric club cars.
02/09/18Delivery of Diesel Fuel (SFD) to Al Udeid Air Base-Tank Truck Off Loading Facility Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations
Contract Scope: Delivery of Diesel Fuel (SFD) to Al Udeid Air Base-Tank Truck Off Loading Facility.
04/02/18Transformer Oil Filtration Services On Call-off Basis Qatargas
Contract Scope: Transformer oil filtration services on call-off basis.
03/12/18Certification & Re-calibration of Flow Meters in the accredited laboratories Qatargas
Contract Scope: Certification & re-calibration of flow meters (ultrasonic, coriolis, turbine & oval gear types).These flow meters are to be calibrated at regular intervals on call-off basis.
04/24/18Roads and Infrastructure in Al Ebb and Leabaib - Package 01 IA/2017/C/137/G Ashghal Public Works Authority
Contract Scope: Construction of roads and drainage.
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