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Due DateTender TitleOwner
05/01/17International Expert for Midterm Project Review United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Contract Scope: International Consultant to carry out Midterm Evaluation of the UNDP/GEF project for the "Supporting Sustainable Land Management in Steppe and Semi-arid Zones through Integrated Territorial Planning and Agro-environmental Incentives" project.
04/02/17Determination of Key Approaches for Assessing the Effectiveness of Political Civil Servants Activity and Their Performance-Based Payment United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Contract Scope: Determination of key approaches for assessing the effectiveness of political civil servants activity and their performance-based payment. Duration: April-July 2017.
04/12/17Organization of the International Summer School On United Nations Development Programme/UNDP
Contract Scope: Provision of services on organization of the International Summer School on "Sustainable urban mobility. Modern approaches to planning and design on transformation of urban areas".
03/30/17"Technical Supervision Services for Pilot Project "Development of Urban Agriculture for Astana. Delivery of Greenhouse Structure, Installation in Asta United Nations Development Programme/UNDP
Contract Scope: Technical supervision services for pilot project, Development of Urban Agriculture for Astana. Delivery of greenhouse structure, installation in Astana under the project, Supporting Kazakhstan's transition to a green economy model.
03/06/17Procurement Services for Voluntary Health Insurance According to the Lots KazAgro
Contract Scope: Voluntary health insurance according to the lots.
03/06/17Camera KazAgro
Contract Scope: Camera.
03/06/17Purchase of Stationery Goods KazAgro
Contract Scope: Stationery goods.
03/07/17Goods for General Economic Purpose KazAgro
Contract Scope: Goods for general economic purpose.
03/07/17Services Car Washes, Dry Cleaning Service Vehicles KazAgro
Contract Scope: Services car washes, dry cleaning service vehicles.
03/09/17Assessment of Collateral Services for the Needs of Akmola Region KazAgro
Contract Scope: Assessment of collateral services for the needs of the region.
03/10/17Design and Decoration of the Exhibition Stand at "EXPO-2017" and "Astana Economic Forum" KazAgro
Contract Scope: Design and decoration of the exhibition stand at "EXPO-2017" and "Astana Economic Forum".
03/15/17Production and Broadcast of Stories in the News Programs On National TV Channels KazAgro
Contract Scope: Production and broadcast of stories in the news programs on national tv channels.
03/16/17Purchase of Services for the Design, Manufacture and Preparation of the Review of the Annual Report KazAgro
Contract Scope: Purchase of services for the design, manufacture and preparation of the review of the annual report.
03/16/17Procurement of Services for the Placement of Image Materials and Their Coverage in the National and Regional Print Media KazAgro
Contract Scope: Procurement of services for the placement of image materials and their coverage in the national and regional print media.
Displaying 1 to 14 out of 14