Afghanistan Tenders

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Due DateTender TitleOwner
05/04/18Program Analyst (Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist) USAID/Afghanistan
Contract Scope: Program Analyst (Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist), GS-13
05/04/18Management and Program Analyst USAID/Afghanistan
Contract Scope: Management and Program Analyst GS-12
05/04/18Education Program Specialist USAID/Afghanistan
Contract Scope: Education Program Specialist, GS-13
05/03/18Senior Contract Specialist (Potential for Multiple Recruitments) USAID/Afghanistan
Contract Scope: Senior Contract Specialist, GS-15 (potential for multiple recruitments)
05/03/18Pre-solicitation Notice for the Construction of South East Power System (SEPS) Completion Phase II and North East Power System-SEPS (NEPS-SEPS) Connec USAID/Afghanistan
Contract Scope: Construct for up to five substations along the NEPS-SEPS Connector transmission line, which is currently under construction by DABS.
04/30/18Valve, Safety Relief Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations, DLA Land and Maritime-BSM
Contract Scope: Valve, safety relief, NSN 4820013448999, Qty 32.
04/30/18Controller, Motor Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations, DLA Land and Maritime-BSM
Contract Scope: Controller, motor, NSN 6110016180788, Qty 10.
06/20/18Operation and Management of the Kabul Educational Advising Center (KEAC) Locations in Kabul, Herat, and Mazar-e Sharif Department of State - U.S. Embassy
Contract Scope: Owner is pleased to announce an open competition for eligible organizations to submit applications to carry out the operation and management of the Kabul Educational Advising Center (KEAC) locations in Kabul, Herat, and Mazar-e Sharif. Based on fundi...
05/06/18Catering and Food Delivery Services United Nations Development Programme UNDP, Afghanistan
Contract Scope: Catering and food delivery services.
06/18/18Cultural Preservation of Historic Sites and Monuments (Built Heritage) Department of State - U.S. Embassy
Contract Scope: Potential projects include detailed documentation activities and brick-and-mortar stabilization and restoration of monuments and sites. Pas will also consider projects that build cultural preservation skills, support long-term stewardship of heritage...
06/19/18Cultural Preservation of Traditional Forms of Expression Department of State - U.S. Embassy
Contract Scope: For the purposes of this nofo, traditional forms of cultural expression include but are not limited to musical composition and performance, dance and performing arts, poetry and oral traditions, traditional celebrations, and knowledge exchange from m...
05/03/18Medical Supplies United Nations Development Programme/UNDP
Contract Scope: Provision of medical supplies.
04/26/18Hose Assembly, Nonme Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations, DLA Land and Maritime-BSM
Contract Scope: Hose assembly, nonme, NSN 4720015427663, Qty 84.
05/03/18Information Management / Information Technology (IM/IT) Services Department of the Army Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Contract Scope: The scope includes all functions, services, support and tasks associated with information management and information technology, with the exception of printing and publications, library services, and research and development programs. See linked file...
04/18/18Identifying Legal Barriers Hindering Women Economic Empowerment in Afghanistan---phase II The World Bank
Contract Scope: Comprise interviews with women entrepreneurs, government officials/authorities, formal justice actors, unions, business federations, relevant NGOs and other relevant stakeholders etc. with the aim to capture insights into the real-life experiences of...
04/22/18Hydropower Plant Development in Afghanistan The World Bank
Contract Scope: To investigate the options for sustainable development of the hydropower sector, IFC intends to collect data, reports and studies developed for a number of HPP projects in the past, and screen them in line with a set of predefined criteria. Among oth...
04/26/18ANDSF O&M Services U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Middle East District
Contract Scope: Provide operations & maintenance (O&M) and national O&M training services.O&M services provide for life sustaining facilities, such as power plants, wastewater treatment plants, solid waste collection and disposal, water treatment, and HVAC maintenan...
04/19/18Special Education Material United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Afghanistan
Contract Scope: Special education material.
04/18/18RFQ - Audit of ICT infrastructure in Afghanistan Swedish Committe for Afghanistan (SCA)
Contract Scope: External IT audit of ICT infrastructure.
04/27/18RFQ - Supply and Distribution of Quality Layer Pullets Organization for Research and Community Development (ORCD)
Contract Scope: Supply and distribution of quality layer pullets, poultry feed and farm materials.
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