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Thailand Updates Smart Visa Program To Improve Access

On November 6, Thailand's Cabinet upgraded the qualifications, criteria and incentives for the Smart Visa, a special visa issued to highly-skilled experts, investors, senior executives and startup entrepreneurs working in targeted industries.

Xi'an Demonstrate Unique Approach to Fighting Poverty Using E-Commerce

The ancient Chinese city of Xi'an, which was host city for the 7th APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum, was a showcase for a unique approach to fighting poverty using e-commerce. The learning here are about to roll out across the rest of APEC as a means of fighting poverty throughout the region.

Say Goodbye to Jasmine Rice

According to new research just published in the Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, seeds of Thailand's jasmine rice have relatively low tolerance to high temperatures associated with climate change.

Google Establishes First Google Learning Center in Asia

True Digital Park, Southeast Asia's largest digital innovation hub, is partnering with Google to help people and businesses in Thailand keep up with digital transformation to deliver sustainable success through digital capability.

Planet to Delivery Satellite Imagery for Thailand

California based, Planet, a geospatial data and analytics company, has signed a deal with the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency, an agency under Thailand's Ministry of Science and Technology, to provide satellite imagery to enable frequent monitoring in the country.

mu Space Joins SSL to Develop Satellite Systems

Thailand based mu Space, a satellite and space company, announced a collaboration with a California based SSL, a provider of innovative satellites and spacecraft systems, to develop concepts for communications and Earth observation satellites.

An Aging Asia Creates Challenges for Its Leadership

For most of history all populations in the world grew with more children compared to the adult populations. Now Asia is facing a crisis because of the presence of less children and a higher percentage of adults. Representatives across the region gathered June 12-13 in Mongolia to discuss the issue.

CellOS Wins Data Analytics Contract with AIS Thailand

CellOS Software, a big data analytics company with principal offices in Melbourne, Australia, Singapore, and India, has landed a contract with AIS Thailand for Analytics of Revenue Assurance and Revenue Management.

JustCo Opens First Co-Working Space in Thailand

Singapore-based JustCo, a major Southeast Asian provider of creative co-working spaces, just opened its first JustCo co-working space in Thailand, Bangkok's CBD, at AIA Sathron Tower. Its partner in this venture is Sansiri.

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