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Mitsubishi and Singapore Gov Affiliate Company Form Major Urban Development JV

With an eye to the growing importance of urban development especially in Southeast Asia's emerging economies, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and Surbana Jurong (SJ), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, a Singapore government affiliated investment company, have formed a joint venture targeting acquisition of $2.5 billion in urban development projects in Asia.

An Aging Asia Creates Challenges for Its Leadership

For most of history all populations in the world grew with more children compared to the adult populations. Now Asia is facing a crisis because of the presence of less children and a higher percentage of adults. Representatives across the region gathered June 12-13 in Mongolia to discuss the issue.

UK-Based Advertising Firm Selected for Sri Lanka's Tourism Campaign

Media Agency Group (MAG), a marketing and advertising firm in London, has been awarded a contract by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau to head a multi-format media campaign to showcase cultural and historical locations across the southeast Asian country to potential visitors from the UK.

Sri Lanka Economy Suffers Under the Battering of Climate Change

Climate change has proven a disaster for Sri Lankan farmers like 52-year-old Newton Gunathileka, a paddy smallholder. After fighting to save it for years, in 2017 Gunathileka finally had to abandon his two acres of paddy for the first time in over three and half decades, leaving his family almost destitute.

Sustainable Human Development Requires Far More Inclusion

Human development is progressing and has recently made major strides in many areas, but many are still left behind, with systemic and often unmeasured barriers to catching up. A new UN report urges a stronger focus on those excluded and on actions to dismantle these barriers to ensure sustainable human development for all.

Veolia Selected to Head Water Project in Sri Lanka

French resource management company Veolia, through its subsidiary OTV, has won a EUR156 million contract to manage the construction of five new water treatment plants in Greater Matale, a predominantly agricultural region in Sri Lanka’s Central Province.

When China Comes Calling with Big Money, It is Not Always Good News

Beragama, a beautiful Sri Lankan rural village, is a typical one, untouched by much of modern civilization, with lush green paddy fields interspersed by small houses and the village temple standing at the highest location. But a massive Chinese investment of $1.5 billion dollars immediately nearby could change the lives and the property of its people forever.

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