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Zain Partners With Vuclip To Offer Viut in Kuwait

Zain, a Kuwait-based mobile network operator, and Vuclip, a video-on-demand service provider based in California, announced the availability of Viu, an OTT video service by PCCW and Vuclip, to consumers through a carrier billing partnership with Zain’s managed service provider SLA Digital.

EnGoPlanet Delivers Major Solar Street Light Installation

New York-based EnGoPlanet, a provider of Smart Solar Street Light and Solar Benches, announced that it has completed a solar street light project in Kuwait that resulted in the installation of hundreds of smart solar street light units at the headquarters of the Kuwait oil company.

Alghanim Signs MoU With UNHCR To Train Syrian Refugees In MENA

Alghanim Industries of Kuwait launched its new $1.5-million initiative, the MENA Philanthropy Leaders Initiative for Refugee Youth and Children, focused on education, skills training and entrepreneurship with the target of reaching 100,000 young and child refugees by 2020.

Wavefront Technology Signs 3-Year Agreement With Kuwaiti Distributor

Alberta-based Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc., an international supplier of fluid injection technology for oil and gas well stimulation and Improved/Enhanced Oil Recovery, has signed a 3 year Powerwave distribution agreement with Gulf Drilling and Maintenance CO of Kuwait.

Sany Signs USD 86 Million Purchasing Agreement

SANY Heavy Industry, a Chinese multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company headquartered in Changsha, Hunan Province, recently signed a USD 86 million purchasing agreement with a Kuwaiti engineering construction contractor.

Renewable Water Sources Growing Scarcer in North Africa and Middle East

The United Nations recently issued a warning about water to those living in the Near East and North Africa regions. Their analysis says that the per capita renewable energy availability is around 600 cubic meters per person per year, only 10% of the world average. It is calling for immediate innovation to help solve the problem, something which is getting worse fast because of accelerating climate change.

Kuwaiti Wins Whistleblower Suit Against U.S. Coalition Troop Food Vendor

A major whistleblower lawsuit filed in 2005 by Moss & Gilmore LLP on behalf of Kamal Al-Sultan, a Kuwaiti businessman and U.S. military contractor of base camp logistics and support, was just settled in Al Sultan's favor against publicly-traded Kuwaiti-based Agility Public Warehousing Company and its affiliate, The Sultan Center.

Sustainable Human Development Requires Far More Inclusion

Human development is progressing and has recently made major strides in many areas, but many are still left behind, with systemic and often unmeasured barriers to catching up. A new UN report urges a stronger focus on those excluded and on actions to dismantle these barriers to ensure sustainable human development for all.

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