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AsiaBizNews.Net 3-Month Rolling Trade Show and Exhibitions Calendar

In our current 3-month rolling calendar of a sampling of Asia’s best trade shows from February through April, we feature exhibitions on an International Media & Satellite Communications, Industry Automation, Apparel Manufacturing, South Asia Travel & Tourism, Green Energy, Medical Devices, Metal & Steel, Mining, a major Solar Tech show taking place in the Middle East, Sporting Goods, Telecommunications, and everything about Livestock, Meat Processing and the Dairy Industry.

Regional Cooperation A Must To Deal With Water Problems in South Asia

Climate change may be a major contributor to water problems in South Asia, with rapidly changing heat, rainfall, and flooding creating havoc. A second major problem is the lack of effective regional cooperation between Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India and Nepal.

Youth Population Surges in Arab Region, Brings Record Unemployment

The Arab region's unprecedented youth population growth is, along with the changing nature of the region's economies, creating huge challenges such as extremely high unemployment rates with more than half of all regional jobless, inadequate education and health services, particularly among young women.

Renewable Water Sources Growing Scarcer in North Africa and Middle East

The United Nations recently issued a warning about water to those living in the Near East and North Africa regions. Their analysis says that the per capita renewable energy availability is around 600 cubic meters per person per year, only 10% of the world average. It is calling for immediate innovation to help solve the problem, something which is getting worse fast because of accelerating climate change.

APEC Nations Mobilize to Help Trade Become More Disaster-Resistant

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies have the misfortune of being hit by 70 percent of all global disasters and also suffer damages of over USD $100 billion every year. APEC is moving to handle this, with the goal of becoming far more disaster-tolerant with respect to trade.

Prospects for the Future of Arab-Asian Youth A Major Concern

The Arab-Asian region is the home of 300 million youth in 22 Arab countries and 400 million more in Asia in the Pacific. These 700 million aged 15-24 years old add up to more than 60 percent of the entire world's youth population, and yet in spite of the vast wealth in both regions their future is still a major question.

Pakistani Team to Investigate Sexual Harassment on Public Transit Systems

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) and the World Bank Group recently announced a major funding grant to a Pakistani team to investigate the environment that leads to harassment of women on public transit systems. This was one of many similar grants just awarded principally in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. 4-Month Rolling Trade Show Calendar

Our latest rolling calendar of Asia-Pacific regional trade show events includes a major Middle East Energy Summit, one of the biggest Open Source software events in Asia, a Manufacturing Technology show in Singapore, a must-see event for the media industry in Kuala Lumpar, and China's biggest automotive show.

Sustainable Human Development Requires Far More Inclusion

Human development is progressing and has recently made major strides in many areas, but many are still left behind, with systemic and often unmeasured barriers to catching up. A new UN report urges a stronger focus on those excluded and on actions to dismantle these barriers to ensure sustainable human development for all.

ET Energy Begins Work On 60.9 MW Solar Power Project in Jordan

ET Energy, a global energy solutions provider with headquarters in Nanjing, China, just announced that its Germany-based subsidiary, ET Solutions AG, has started the construction of a 60.9 MW solar power project in Jordan for Saudi-owned ACWA Power.

AsiaBizNews.Net's 3 Month Regional Trade Show Calendar's latest rolling calendar of major trade show events was just released. This edition features Taiwan's International Machine Tool Show, Jakarta's Pharmacy Expo, Jordan's International Energy Summit, China's Medical Equipment Fair, and Japan's Open Source Summit.

Merck Partners and Jordan Partner on Women's Thyroid Health

U.S.-based Merck, a major medical science and technology company, just announced an alliance with the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) of Jordan. The intent of the partnership is to advance health awareness and education, particularly as it relates to thyroid disease among Jordanian women.

Dire Warnings But Also Hope as IUCN Environmental Congress Opens

A congress billed as the world’s largest ever to focus on the environment has opened to warnings that our planet is at a “tipping point” but also with expressions of hope that governments, civil society and big business are learning to work together.

Chinese Specialized Clothing Entrepreneur Wins APEC 'BEST' Award

As part of the recent APEC Women and The Economy Forum in Lima, Peru, APEC officials today (July 3) announced the winners of the APEC Business Efficiency and Success Target Awards, also known as the BEST awards, recognizing the best in the next generation of women entrepreneurs. Xiao Wei, founder of a specialized women’s clothing line including items just for breast cancer patients, was named Asia-Pacific's most outstanding women entrepreneur.

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