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Hong Kong Bans South African Poultry Because of Avian Flu

After being notified by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) that an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 avian influenza happened in Matjhabeng Local Municipality, South Africa, Hong Kong's Centre for Food Safety (CFS) is banning the import of poultry meat and products from the area.

AsiaBizNews's 3-Month Rolling Trade Show Calendar

AsiaBizNews's rolling calendar of trade shows this time runs through the end of 2017. Our list this time features events in China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India, and has shows dedicated to the dye industry, food technology and products, the marine and shipbuilding industry, computer and robotics technology, and the premier annual Asian expo for television and film.

APEC Develops Policies to Help Diversify Asia-Pacific Workforce

The APEC member economies just completed a major planning effort to look at how to enhance economic empowerment for women across the region. It is part of a broader move to secure workforces and growth as major new forces shift the nature of the Asia-Pacific business landscape.

Direct Selling Agency QNET Opens Branch in Tanzania

Hong Kong-based QNET (, a player in the US $200 billion global direct selling industry, announced it is entering the Eastern African direct selling sector with its first local agency in Tanzania.

The 20 Tbps Southeast Asia -- United States Cable System

The 20 Terabits per second (Tbps) capacity Southeast Asia-United States Cable System (SEA_US) is officially open for commercial use, now that construction is complete at the Hong Kong Guam Cable System (HK-G) extension and full testing by the SEA-US consortium is complete.

Pagoda Group to Open 10,000 Stores By 2020 , Holds Major Supplier Meeting

The Pagoda Group just concluded the largest fruit and vegetable supplier meeting in its 15-year history. Held in Hong Kong, the meeting both represents what's different about how The Pagoda Group operates and also will ensure supply of an even fresher and wider variety of fruits and vegetables to Chinese consumers.

APEC Locks Down Illegal Timber Trade

APEC is working on a plan to enhance customs checks throughout the member countries, with the goal of potentially slowing the flow of illegal lumber and wood products shipped within the community.

APEC Moves to Simplify Food Export Regulations

APEC has launched work on a major simplification of food export documentation in the region. Now it is so complex that a single producer of frozen processed foods such as lasagna may need to submit over 200 pages of certification paperwork per shipment to export their product.

South China Morning Post Offers Free Online Job Postings

The South China Morning Post of Hong Kong, just announced that it is expanding candidate-finding capabilities for its online recruiting platform Effective immediately, it will be offering free-of-charge job listing services, in addition to other job-matching services offered by and its smartphone app.

HMV Digital China Explores Luxembourg Entertainment Market

Hong Kong based HMV Digital China Group Limited, a major provider of video and other streaming entertainment services as part of a complete vertically-integrated business chain, has opened discussions to deliver entertainment to the Grand Duchyof Lexembourg.

China Entercom Opens New Beijing Area Cloud Data Center

China Enterprise ICT Solutions Limited (also known as China Entercom), a subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited, just opened a new cloud data center in Ke Chuang, within the Yizhuang high-tech community in Beijing.

FDG Electric Vehicles Is Bringing 'Chanje' to American EV Market

Hong Kong based FDG Electric Vehicles Limited is entering the U.S. electric vehicle market with a new JV and a major market twist. The new U.S. JV is 'Chanje', and the market it is going after is electric mobility and energy solutions for the 'last mile' commercial truck market.

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