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An Aging Asia Creates Challenges for Its Leadership

For most of history all populations in the world grew with more children compared to the adult populations. Now Asia is facing a crisis because of the presence of less children and a higher percentage of adults. Representatives across the region gathered June 12-13 in Mongolia to discuss the issue.

Sympa Solar Power Signs PPA for 8MWac Solar PV Power Plant in Bangladesh

Sympa Solar Power Limited, a joint venture company that manages utility scale solar PV projects in Bangladesh, announced that they signed Implementation Agreement and Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) for their 8MWac solar power plant to be installed in Tetulia, Panchaghar in north-western Bangladesh.

Asia Three-Month Rolling Trade Show and Exhibitions Calendar

In Trillions' current 3-month rolling calendar of some of Asia’s best trade shows, we feature one of the biggest Airshow events in the world, along with exhibitions on an International Media & Satellite Communications, Industry Automation, Apparel Manufacturing, South Asia Travel & Tourism, Food Packaging, Pools & Spas, Medical Devices, Gardens & Landscaping, Metal & Steel, Sporting Goods, and everything about Livestock, Meat Processing and the Dairy Industry.

Asia Trade and Exhibition Show Three Month Rolling Calendar

In our current 3-month rolling calendar of some of the more intriguing and trade shows, we feature one of the biggest Maritime shows in the world, along with exhibitions on Food Manufacturing Tech, Industry Automation, Apparel Manufacturing, Food Packaging, Pools & Spas, Garden and Landscaping Design, and the signature Asian Airshow event for this time of the year.

IPP and BCMC Partner to Build Chlor-Alkali Production Complex in Bangladesh

New Jersey-based International Process Plants and Equipment (IPP), in collaboration with partner Beijing-based Bluestar Chemical Machinery Co., LTd. (BCMC), a units of ChemChina, is going to build a new Chlor-Alkali production complex for AMEX Export Import Inc. and its end-user client, SR Chemical Group in Bogra, Bangladesh.

The AsiaBizNews Rolling Trade Show Calendar

The latest three-month rolling trade show calendar from, covering events running through January 2018, is below. With topics from Digital Media, Fabrics and Fabric technology, the ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo, television and film, shipbuilding, food tech, and industry automation, there is much happening in this fast-growing region.

UN Arms Embargo Proposal Against Myanmar Will Likely Fail

Mynamar's repressive regime is getting a new pushback, this time via UN Ambassador Nikki Haley from the United States as she recently called for virtual arms embargo against the repressive regime. China and Russia, two others on the Security Council, are likely to block the plan.

Bay of Bengal Islands Host A Spectacular Buffalo Economic Revival

One of the most amazing local wonders in Bangladesh is Char Chatkimarai, a tiny island of eight square miles situated in the extreme south of Bangladesh close to the Bay of Bengal. With much hard work, this once empty area now is filled with buffalo, in an economic transformation driven by the area's poor.

Women in Bangladesh Break Barriers to Join Rural Development Workforce

30 years after the initiative started in Bangladesh, poor women in Bangladesh are now regularly employed as laborers in many different kinds of rural development works across the country. This includes jobs such as road construction which traditionally were handled 100% by men in the past.

Regional Cooperation A Must To Deal With Water Problems in South Asia

Climate change may be a major contributor to water problems in South Asia, with rapidly changing heat, rainfall, and flooding creating havoc. A second major problem is the lack of effective regional cooperation between Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India and Nepal.

As Climate Worsens, Floods Rise and Clean Water Becomes More Precious

As a by-product of accelerating climate change, Bangladesh has been recently inundated by a number of water-related disasters, including water-logging and floods that displace thousands of families. As clean water grows more scarce and more costly to acquire, immediate solutions are required to bring in more water and optimize the use of what is available.

Prospects for the Future of Arab-Asian Youth A Major Concern

The Arab-Asian region is the home of 300 million youth in 22 Arab countries and 400 million more in Asia in the Pacific. These 700 million aged 15-24 years old add up to more than 60 percent of the entire world's youth population, and yet in spite of the vast wealth in both regions their future is still a major question.

Aviation Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Go Down By Upgrading Navigation

While many attacking climate change emphasize fuel efficiency and alternative fuel/engine approaches, a new research project at Bangladesh's North South University (NSU) is suggesting that upgrading the navigation system could also have a major effect on overall aviation greenhouse gas emissions.

Islamic Development Bank Group Signs Agreement with Green Delta Capital

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) group just announced that its private sector arm, the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) (, just signed an agreement with Green Delta Capital Limited (GDCL), to support various financing transactions in Bangaldesh.

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