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Asia Three-Month Rolling Trade Show and Exhibitions Calendar

In Trillions' current 3-month rolling calendar of some of Asia’s best trade shows, we feature one of the biggest Airshow events in the world, along with exhibitions on an International Media & Satellite Communications, Industry Automation, Apparel Manufacturing, South Asia Travel & Tourism, Food Packaging, Pools & Spas, Medical Devices, Gardens & Landscaping, Metal & Steel, Sporting Goods, and everything about Livestock, Meat Processing and the Dairy Industry.

Asia Trade and Exhibition Show Three Month Rolling Calendar

In our current 3-month rolling calendar of some of the more intriguing and trade shows, we feature one of the biggest Maritime shows in the world, along with exhibitions on Food Manufacturing Tech, Industry Automation, Apparel Manufacturing, Food Packaging, Pools & Spas, Garden and Landscaping Design, and the signature Asian Airshow event for this time of the year.

Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Orders 144 MRT Cars from Mitsubishi and Kawasaki

The Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Company Ltd. (DMTCL), a company owned by the Bangladesh government, has awarded Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. an approximately JPY 40 billion contract for the supply of 144 cars of rolling stock and maintenance depot equipment for Dhaka MRT Line-6.

Sustainable Human Development Requires Far More Inclusion

Human development is progressing and has recently made major strides in many areas, but many are still left behind, with systemic and often unmeasured barriers to catching up. A new UN report urges a stronger focus on those excluded and on actions to dismantle these barriers to ensure sustainable human development for all.

BAPCO to Deploy Advanced Data Network as Part of 'Digital Transformation'

Santa Clara, California, based Avaya will deploying its latest fabric network for the Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco), the national company of Bahrain. This is part of a planned overall 'digital transformation of Bapco's corporate network operations, including considerations for connecting IoT (Internet of Things) devices securely as part of the network.

India and Bahrain Sign MOU Covering Joint Land Reclamation Opportunities

Bahrain and India have come together on a potential partnership involving dredging and land reclamation. The Kingdom of Bahrain's Riyada Group of Companies just signed a Memorandum of Understanding covering business cooperation with a Government of India enterprise, the Dredging Corporation of India.

Dire Warnings But Also Hope as IUCN Environmental Congress Opens

A congress billed as the world’s largest ever to focus on the environment has opened to warnings that our planet is at a “tipping point” but also with expressions of hope that governments, civil society and big business are learning to work together.

Boston Market Restaurants to Expand into 7 Middle Eastern Countries

Boston Market IP Company Ltd., an affiliate of Boston Market Corporation, a fresh food alternative to fast food franchises headquartered in Colorado, just signed a development agreement to open between 25 to 30 restaurants across the Middle East over the next few years.

Worldwide Cost of Lead Exposure in Developing Countries Almost $1B Annually

The problem of children around the world being exposed to lead -- and the many medical consequences of that -- is still significant even in the 21st century. A study just published by New York University shows the annual economic cost of lead exposure at $977 billion worldwide, with ~$700 billion of that happening just within Asia.

The Arab Spring: Five Years On

Five years ago the Arab world blew up, and the flames are still raging. What at first had been euphoria quickly turned to chaos. What cannot be denied, though, is that the uprisings were the spark of an epochal change.

RMB Reaches Nearly 40% Adoption Across Financial Institutions Worldwide

SWIFT data shows a double digit growth of RMB adoption by financial institutions established in all regions. In February 2016, 1,131 banks were using the RMB for payments with mainland China and Hong Kong, representing 37% of all institutions exchanging payments with mainland China and Hong Kong across all currencies.

Pollinators Vital To Our Food Supply Under Threat

A growing number of pollinator species worldwide are being driven toward extinction by diverse pressures, many of them human-made, threatening millions of livelihoods and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of food supplies, according to the first global assessment of pollinators.

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