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Tunisia Receives $310M to Develop Natural Gas and Oil Products

The Republic of Tuniisa, represented by the Tunisian Electricity Gas Company, and the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) (, a member of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, have signed two Murabaha agreements for a total of $310 million to finance resourcing of natural gas, crude oil and petroleum products.

Shanghai ProMed Cancer Center to Be Acquired

Meizhong Jiahe Hospital Management Corp. Ltd. (MHM), a subsidiary of Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited, and Guofu Huimei Investment Management Limited Partnership just announced their plan to acquire Shanghai ProMed Cancer Center.

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Opens New Warsaw Office

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) sees strong market opportunities in Poland, and has just opened a new office in Warsaw to reinforce that. It will use that base to strengthen its relationships with local customers and bolster orders for advanced coal-fired power generation systems and Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS)

NEC Breaks Single Optical Fiber Data Transmission Speed Record

NEC Corporation of Japan just announced it has reached a major speed milestone for data transmission on a single optical fiber. Using specific new fiber-doping technology, it just demonstrated a transmission capacity of 50.9 terabits (Tb) per second over a distance greater than 11,000 kilometers.

World's Largest Floating PV Power Plant Now in Service

The world's largest floating PV power plant -- at 40 MW output power -- was just successfully connected to the power grid in Huainan, China. Sungrow, a major PV inverter supplier based in Hefei, China, was the developer for the installation.

NEC, KDDI and Obayashi Collaborate on Remote Construction Technology

Remote construction trials will soon begin in Japan with NEC Corporation taking the lead, and in cooperation with KDDI Corporation and Obayashi Corporation. The aim of the effort is to achieve smart civil engineering utilizing 5G, the next-generation wireless communication standard.

CyberArk Buys Conjur

Israel-based security company CyberArk Software has acquired Conjur, a Massachusetts company that delivers a DevOps security software platform, for $42 million in cash.