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South Korea's Largest Dog Slaughterhouse Is Being Demolished

November 23, 2018

The single biggest dog meat butchering compound in South Korea is being dismantled and cleared out.

Located just south of Seoul, the Tapepyeong-dong complex in Seongnam City, was until now the single largest dog slaughterhouse in the South Korea.

It included six separate slaughterhouses and a capability of housing hundred of dogs at a time. It was an important supply point for the country’s dog meat industry. It also included what Humane Society International (HIS) referred to as “horrifying” conditions for the animals. To help with the butchering, it also included such frightening items as electrocution equipment, a de-hairing machine and knives.

The destruction of this facility is yet another step in what appears to be a closer-and-closer elimination of the sale of dog meat for food in the country. Dog meat has been part of the Korean diet for centuries. It is even the basis for the summer Bok Nal Days festival, for which older citizens in particular line up to eat boshintang, a soup made of dogs which is consumed – with no medical basis whatsoever – as a health food.

As reported a few weeks ago in Trillions, a law is currently making its way through the South Korean government which would ban dog farming forever. The closure of the Tapepyeong-dong dog slaughter facility after is a sign that perhaps the citizens are already preparing for the day when dogs will no longer ever again be considered as human food.

When demolition is complete, the Tapepyeong-dong facility will be converted into a public park.

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