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Australian Organizations Issues New Smart Building Standards

October 31, 2018

The Code for Smart Communities was just released jointly by the Smart Cities Council and Green Building Council of Australia, as a new set of standards to guarantee smart cities are built to be sustainable and properly support multiple modern needs for citizens.

Taking into consideration and feedback from property developers, technology companies, long-term city planners and all levels of government, the new Code addresses everything from telecommunications to digital planning approaches, how to manage innovation hubs, and data insight management.

According to Adam Beck, Smart Cities Council Australia and New Zealand, the new code is important as a stepping-off point for the future. While other such documents were high on concepts and not-so-effective when it came to practical implementation, Beck said that, “This is the first time a smart community has been defined in a way that can be practically applied. We went back to principles to build this Code from the ground up.”

Romily Madew, the chief executive office of the Green Building Code of Australia, added that in the process of creating the code, “There was strong synergy between the sustainable development outcomes articulated in the Green Star – Communities rating tool and the enabling opportunities from technology and data to enhance community outcomes.” He went on to say that, This work will provide us with the opportunity to ensure smart cities principles are embedded in Green Star as the rating system evolves to meet industry and global trends, and continues to deliver environmental efficiencies, productivity gains and health and wellbeing outcomes in our buildings and communities.”

Two new projects have become the first to use the Code’s principles in carrying out their design. One is Yarrabilba, a new 40,000 resident Lendlease community in Queensland. A second, Sydney Olympic Park, will house 23,000 people and generate 30,000 jobs.

Lendlease is important in implementing the Code not just because it is handling one of the first projects to use the code. The company was also a major backer of the development of the Code while it was still being created.

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