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Singapore Picked for Facebook's First Data Center in Asia

September 7, 2018

Facebook announced on September 6 its plans to build its first Asian data center in Singapore, at an estimated cost of over $1 billion.

Thomas Furlong, Facebook’s Vice President of Infrastructure Data Centers, told reporters in a media briefing that the facility was spread across 170,000 square meters (1.83 million square feet). Because of the country’s scarcity of available development land, that space will be distributed over 11 stories.

The center will include Facebook servers and a means to centralize its IT operations regionally. It will be powered by renewable energy sources, and will be designed to deal with the high external heat using the latest green building technology. The new cooling system will use water instead of air to cool the facility, a system which engineers have demonstrated works better in the country’s high humidity. A unique building façade created using a perforated lightweight material should also allow for better airflow for the facility.

The choice of building in Singapore was tied to its high-speed information technology infrastructure, ready availability of skilled labor, and a government which is easy to work with.


The center, the company’s 15th worldwide, should be operational by 2022.

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