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Asia-Pacific Leads Global Pilot Demand Through 2037

August 30, 2018

In a just-released projecting pilot, technician and flight crew needs for the next several decades, aircraft giant Boeing projects the Asia-Pacific region will be needing the largest number of pilots in the world through 2037.

According to projections just released by Boeing, of the estimated 790,000 new aircraft pilots the world will need between now and 2037, 261,000 of them will be hired in the Asia-Pacific region.

The next closest region for pilot demand will be in North America, with an estimated 206,000 pilots. Europe comes in third at 146,000, the Middle East at 64,000, Latin America at 57,000, Africa at 29,000, with Russia and Central Asia coming in at 27,000.

Of those, 635,000 of the pilots needed will be for commercial airlines. Business will account for 96,000 of the whole, followed by Helicopter operators at 59,000.

Technician demand in Asia will also grow as the highest globally, with 257,000 of the 754,000 new airline technician jobs also showing up in that area. North America comes in second highest here at a total of 189,000 new hires.

Regionally, Boeing is expecting 40 percent of its global aircraft deliveries will go to the Asia-Pacific region in the same 2018-2037 time period.

Chinese economic growth is responsible for much of the regional demand in pilots and technicians. Boeing says that China is responsible for 128,500 of the new hires in the pilot category there. That is just short of half of the totals.

In parallel with this will come increased demands for training new pilots and technicians and doing so on a global basis. To support that, Boeing is working on new methods for mobile and distance learning, as well as in special educational centers around the world.