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Talent Prediction Tech Pioneer Pulsifi Adds ProximaX Blockchain To Its Analytics Tools

August 6, 2018

Singapore-based Pulsifi has selected ProximaX Ltd.'s blockchain technology to improve its predictive talent AI analytics engine.

Named one of the '25 Hottest Artificial Intelligence Companies' this year, Pulsifi helps organizations identify, retain, and grow talent at scale by truly understanding people through a multi-dimensional approach. Pulsifi's Software-as-a-Service and Artificial Intelligence-powered platform collects and analyzes data to scientifically predict how people will perform at work and prescribe targeted actions including selection and development.

"Pulsifi is among the first and only companies in the world to use Artificial Intelligence for talent prediction in a holistic manner. Using blockchain and storage technology to provide a fool-proof data infrastructure for the Pulsifi platform further adds to their cutting-edge offering. This strongly validates ProximaX as a go-to technology," said Lon Wong, Founder and CEO of ProximaX Ltd.

At present, 95% of managers and recruiters rely on archaic bases of understanding people - the curriculum vitae (CV), unstructured interviews, and gut feel. Besides being highly subjective and inconsistent, the manager or recruiter does not understand very important dimensions that are not evident from the CV, like people's personality, what types of jobs they like, and what they value in the workplace.

Pulsifi changes this by collecting and analyzing various data sources to create multi-dimensional profiles of each person, including competencies, experience, personality, interests and values. Their AI then predicts each person's behaviors and attitudes at work, fit to role, team and organization, and performance. With Pulsifi, managers and recruiters can truly understand their candidates and employees, to make sharper decisions on hiring, retention and development. 

"By using ProximaX, managers, recruiters and candidates can now manage profiles in a permissioned, immutable and irreversible manner, where information logged can be used decisively and accurately without concerns about its veritableness. ProximaX adds a complete and verifiable data life-cycle history to Pulsifi's predictive analytics platform," said Pulsifi Founder Pete Yoong.

Employee and candidate data are highly sensitive, and should be treated with utmost care. To reach the highest level of data security, Pulsifi chose ProximaX for its expertise in evolving and developing blockchain technology that can be applied in efficient and secure distribution, identification, authentication, immutability and storage of data.

ProximaX's Distributed File Management System is based on encrypted and sharded file storage in a decentralised network. This provides a high level of security and eliminates data leakages associated with traditional security threats found in centralized organizations.

"Great organizations are made by great people. With the assurance of world-class data security provided by ProximaX, we expect organizations to come on board Pulsifi faster, to benefit from our AI helping them with sharper people decisions to make their people and thus organizations great," said Jay Huang, Co-founder and CEO of Pulsifi. "Pulsifi and ProximaX are a potent combination to achieve that vision together."