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Jaunt China Opens Virtual Reality Experience Center Fantasy Land in Shanghai

August 4, 2018

Jaunt China just introduced a new venue for experience immersive video and virtual reality film at Fantasy Land in Shanghai.

It is located at the Shanghai HKRI Taikoohui, one of the most prestigious retail landmarks in Shanghai. The exhibition features 28 titles curated from Jaunt China's 300 plus title library, including  winners and nominees from world renowned international film festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes, and Venice. In addition, four titles, An Obituary, The Caretaker, The Wild Immersion, and Between Petrov And Vodkin, are premiering in China for the first time.

Birdly VR, the breathtaking VR flight simulator designed by SOMNIACS from Switzerland, is making its first public appearance in China since its prototype launch in 2013. Birdly fulfills our fantasy of flying like a bird. The flight simulator recreates full-body flight experience instinctively with arms and hands -- movements correlating to the flapping of wings or moving of a tail just as a bird might do. The sense of flying is also enhanced through visual and audio effects, together with a synchronized ventilation system to simulate the breeze during the flight.

Fantasy Land, housed in a 280 square meter venue, is divided into two parts: VR Cinema and VR Experiences. The VR Cinema, powered by Jaunt China's proprietary VR cinema and exhibition technology, is dedicated to screening the best VR titles that have been shortlisted by most prestigious international film festivals, with a rotating weekly playlist. The VR Experiences is designed to tantalize audience's sense in four different thematic zones: "Light Stage", "The Anywhere Door", "Nature Extinction", and "Space Walk".

Fantasy Land is the first exhibition exclusively developed and hosted by Jaunt China and opens to the public today and runs through September 2

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