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Singapore Institute of Technology to Use Echo360 To Increase Student Engagement

December 5, 2017

The Singapore Institute of Technology, an applied learning institution, has signed a new, long-term partnership agreement with Reston, Virginia, based Echo360, to launch a campus-wide initiative using technology to increase students' participation and engagement.

Following a competitive evaluation process, SIT selected Echo360 to implement a cloud-based video capture platform that will act as a single solution for all of the university's current and future video capture needs. The platform includes features such as scheduled lecture capture and LMS integration that minimize barriers to staff participation, as well as the need for IT support and training, and ensure that the platform works with faculty and student workflows. Students will also have access to active learning tools that they can utilize to ask questions, bookmark important content, take time-synced notes during lectures, and engage with instructors and peers while viewing content on any device.

"SIT has adopted the Echo360 platform for lecture recording to provide a more integrated learning experience for its students," said Associate Professor Foo Yong Lim, Assistant Provost (Applied Learning), SIT.

Echo360's platform also includes an analytics dashboard, which analyzes data generated from students' usage of Echo360 and provides instructors with insights into how students are engaging with and understanding course content. With this data, faculty can easily identify what concepts their students are struggling with or not engaging with and make adjustments to their lectures, lesson plans, and teaching materials to better meet their students' needs.

"SIT is a leader in providing industry-focused and relevant education. We are looking forward to working with such an innovative institution," said Jocasta Williams, Community Development Manager at Echo360. "Research shows promising outcomes for students engaged in active learning and we are proud to have built a platform that supports that pedagogy at scale."

Use of the new solution, which will be fully integrated within 150 classrooms in six SIT campuses, will begin in January 2018.