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Russian Car Maker AvtoVAZ to Deliver in Cuba Again after 12 Years

December 4, 2017

AvtoVAZ, an automobile manufacturer based in Russia, is bringing its LADA brand back to Cuba after a hiatus, which began in 2005.

The vehicles are expected to arrive in the country in January 2018.

These new LADA cars will serve local state-owned taxi, rental and touristic companies.

The shipment to Cuba is supported by the Russian VEB, who provided financially for the deal, and the Russian Export Center, which supported the development of export partnership abroad.

Growth of export sales is one of the major tasks AvtoVAZ has highlighted in its mid-term development plan.

''Cuba, among other Latin American countries, is one of our priority export markets – said Nicolas Maure, AVTOVAZ president and CEO.

“This country respects the LADA brand with a significant fleet of classic LADAs and Nivas still on the roads, and today we are ready to renew our presence with our new modern cars LADA Vesta and LADA Largus Cross. They are perfectly adapted to local usage, meeting world-class quality standards and we will provide the necessary aftersales training and spare parts availability.

“I appreciate the support of this deal provided by the Cuban Government, the Russian Government, the Russian Export Center and VEB, and expect to further continue LADA deliveries to Cuba in the years to come with increased volumes.''

When he came to power in 1959, Fidel Castro banned car and car-part imports in Cuba, allowing only certain Russian brands, like LADA, for public transit and Communist Party use.

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