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Uniview Video Surveillance Systems Add Tech To Catch Crimes As They Happen

September 11, 2017

China's Uniview, a developer of video surveillance systems, has added a series of 'smart monitoring' technologies to help discover criminals at the moment they are committing crimes -- rather than after it happens.

The continuous terrorist attacks and crimes generate the need for predict policing. However, even after 15 years, the technologies used to predict crimes seem hard to be widely used. Although data and artificial intelligence is already used to predict the location of potential crimes and dispatch officers to those areas, it still makes mistakes.

UNV Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Camera support intrusion detection and crossing line detection. By setting a line or a restricted area beforehand, it can detect and send alarm to control center if anyone crosses the line or enters into the restricted zone at any time. Sometimes the criminals in the film would cover the camera or turn its angle, but they would be immediately discovered if that is UNV Camera and NVR because they are embedded with functions of scene change detection and defocus detection. Any abnormal move from external force or image defocus can trigger alarm, making criminals being exposed before committing crimes.

With regards to audio exception detection function, UNV NVR can detect if there is an abnormal voice. Users can set a threshold decibel, if the voice is higher or lower than the decibel set, it indicates that something unusual happened, and then will trigger alarm to alert security staff to check. This function will greatly help security staff to react promptly if there is emergency happened such as explosion, shooting and people gathering.

Uniview recently completed the integration with more than 50% of Emergency Alarm Solution provider in South Korea, stepping into a new level of integrated security. When the emergency alarm is triggered, it will send the camera's ID to NVR, and NVR would pop out the camera live view and trigger alarm.

Except the functions mentioned above, the plastic panel and shell of UNV NVR are made of inflaming retarding materials, which passed international standard IEC 60950. UNV NVR will not catch on fire. When the source of fire has been moved away, NVR would extinguish it within 10 seconds, and its drippings would not ignite other things surrounded as well.

About Uniview

Uniview is a major supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. With more than 10 years experiences in IP video surveillance, Uniview now is the 7th largest manufacturer worldwide and No.3 in China (IHS Markit). For more information, please visit Uniview's website at