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Pilot for Vietnam's First Smart City Communication Platform Successfully Completed

May 17, 2017

North Carolina based Trilliant Networks, an international provider of solutions for IoT and smart energy, and Ho Chi Minh Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) just completed a successful pilot test of the first smart city communications platform in Vietnam.

The platform serves as a foundational step in EVN's commitment to advancing efficiency, reliability and affordability of energy for their customers.

First developed in May 2016, the platform completed its year-long pilot project at Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP), the centerpiece of Vietnam's bid to make Ho Chi Minh City the 'Silicon Valley of the Pacific." Extending from customer meters at SHTP to EVNHCMC's operations center, the platform demonstrates that solutions can be tested in a micro-city like an industrial park, then scaled up to be deployed city and nationwide. The communications network incorporates a variety of technologies that are suited to the needs of the varied terrain, customers, and system characteristics across the utility's distribution network.

Vietnam is experiencing over 8 percent annual energy demand growth and Southern Vietnam is expected to have energy shortages within two years. As a result, Vietnam has embarked on aggressive energy efficiency and smart city initiatives. Trilliant's platform will help proactively solve these energy dilemmas. The solution cost-effectively improves utility performance across key organizational goals including revenue generation, network performance and large-scale integration of renewable resources, improving workforce management, engaging customers, advancing operational excellence and improving energy efficiency.

Using an advanced RF network for AMI, the potential benefits of a digitalized approach are clear, positioning EVNHCMC to leapfrog ahead technologically. Today, the utility is in discussions to leverage the same network to provide smart street lighting solutions as part of Ho Chi Minh City's smart city initiatives.

"In a region where the significant population and GDP growth are creating unique and pressing challenges, Vietnam is among the first to take a tangible step towards addressing those challenges," said Bryan Spear, Managing Director, Trilliant, Asia Pacific. "Vietnam is not only planning to address critical challenges for the future, this project shows they are taking action, with one of the first true smart city demonstration projects in the region now a reality."

"EVNHCMC plans to continue to build infrastructure and intelligence to meet Vietnam's growing energy needs and to help meet the tremendous energy demand of the region's growing economy with smarter, clean, reliable, and affordable power," said Mr. Tran Khiem Tuan, EVNHCMC Deputy General Director.

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