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Kiwa Bio-Tech to Support Chinese Soil Remediation Program

March 20, 2017

California-based Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation, a biotechnology company, has reached an agreement with Beijing Zhongpin Agricultural Science and Technology Development Center ("Zhongpin Center") under which Kiwa will provide technical and product support to China's National Soil Remediation Program.

Zhongpin Center is the Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation and Development Committee's executive implementation agency (referred to as the Agricultural Science and Technology Commission). 

The Agricultural Science and Technology Commission is set up by the Chinese Central Government for the construction of the National Ecological Security Agriculture Industrial Chain standardization system. This includes the establishment of National Ecology Safe Agricultural Industrial Parks to build China's Ecological Security and Agricultural Industrial in an orderly business environment, including completion of the National Soil Remediation Program and governance of the various government functions of the institutions.

Through the guidance and support by the Zhongpin Center, Kiwa will participate and be involved in China's National Soil Remediation Program and construction of the National Ecological Security Agriculture Industrial Chain Standardization System's operation and process.

"Upon signing the agreement, the Zhongpin Center has asked Kiwa to provide technical and product support to the program. Kiwa's technical program and products will be classified as the preferred fertilizer product to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture for the fruit, vegetables and tea planting process, using organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer," stated Kiwa's CEO, Yvonne Wang.

"This project will begin in China's main planting season in several major provinces. At the same time, Kiwa will also provide the Zhongpin Center with a range of technical and product solutions for the safe planting of fruits and vegetables."

The cooperation between the Zhongpin Center and Kiwa and ETS Technology, Kiwa's cooperation and products will elevate and improve China's National Soil Remediation Program, creating a national substitute for chemical fertilizer products.

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