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SkyPeople Fruit Juice Subsidiary Signs with Chinese E-Commerce Platform

March 15, 2017

Hedetang Foods (China) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc., a producer of fruit juice concentrates, fruit juice beverages and other fruit-related products, just signed a one-year business agreement with the Jiangsu Nongmuren Agricultural Products e-commerce Platform.

Earlier this month, Hedetang Foods joined the China Aigo O2O Technology Inc.'s Aigo Integrity Alliance and is receiving orders from that platform now.

"We are confident that this agreement will add to our dynamic e-commerce business model and it is consistent with our state-of-the-art agricultural operations," said Mr. Hongke Xue, Chief Executive Officer of SkyPeople. "The current state of the food and beverage industry is highly complex and presents challenges as well as opportunities. As seen by our recent e-commerce announcements, we believe that working with cutting edge e-commerce platforms will help to crystallize our brand positioning which will be vital to our building a global Chinese fruit juice beverage brand."

The Company believes that cooperation with Nongmuren could attract hundreds of thousands of registered users on the platform each month, and accelerate an update of its marketing channels from traditional manufacturing and sales to 'manufacturing plus Internet' and 'traditional sales plus e-commerce'. By cooperating with Nongmuren, Hedetang could enjoy the benefits of its non-replicable food safety system, customized brand promotion strategy and reliable third-party logistics distribution services. The Company believes that cooperation between the two parties will help Hedetang become a first-class brand in the Chinese market, which is a vital long-term goal for the company.

About the Jiangsu Nongmuren Agricultural Products E-Commerce Platform

The Jiangsu Nongmuren Agricultural Products ("Nongmuren") E-Commerce Platform is unique food quality-focused platform that integrates the Internet of Things ("IoT"), e-commerce and Internet advertising. It implements food safety supervision through the entire agricultural supply chain to ensure farm-to-table information traceability. The platform mainly works with county-level local food production and processing enterprises that produce famous specialty agricultural goods. Nongmuren anticipates having hundreds of millions of registered users in the next three years. Additional information can be found at

About Hedetang Foods (China) Co., Ltd.

Hedetang Foods (China) Co. Ltd. ("Hedetang Foods") is a wholly owned subsidiary of SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc., focused on the sale of food, fruit juice and other fast-moving consumer goods products. The company innovatively combines e-commerce and Mobile Internet marketing methods for agricultural products, and promotes the "Hedetang" brand through e-commerce and mobile Internet channels, which it considers a highly effective business model and branding method.

About SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc.

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc., a Florida company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Pacific Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd. ("Pacific"), a Vanuatu company, and SkyPeople Juice International Holding (HK) Ltd., a company organized under the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific, holds 73.42% ownership interest in SkyPeople Juice Group Co., Ltd. ("SkyPeople (China)") and 100% ownership interest in SkyPeople Foods (China) Co., Ltd. ("SkyPeople Foods China"). SkyPeople (China) and ("SkyPeople Foods China"), together with their operating subsidiaries in China, are engaged in the production and sales of fruit juice concentrates, fruit beverages, and other fruit related products in the PRC and overseas markets. The Company's fruit juice concentrates are sold to domestic customers and exported directly or via distributors. Fruit juice concentrates are used as a basic ingredient component in the food industry.